Want a promotion that will have you in stitches? 
Our Sumo Suits will make you the size of a huge, clumsy Japanese wrestler, guaranteed to get everyone laughing!

Yes, you too can be like Sally the Dump Truck, The Wolf and other Japanese sumo legends. 
If you have seen the movie Charlie's Angels you have seen what a buzz it is.  The object of the game is to push, pull, trip, or throw your opponent out of the circle on the thick padded, mat, or force them onto their back.

Climb into the fat suits and then face each other on the mat.  Combine bouncing to avoid your opponent, swinging your arms to score a hit, ducking to avoid a hit, and try to push your opponent out of the circle&. or knock them down.  The rules are whoever steps outside the ring or touches the ground with anything except their feet loses.  Each winner has the option of being able to body slam the loser, and watch laughing as the winner does a victory waddle.  Best of 3 knockdowns wins. Try not to fall down laughing

Our Adult Sumo Suits are suitable for teenagers and adults. They are terrific fun and provide hours of entertainment at your BBQ, birthday party, corporate function or fun day.

Please note:
Sumo Wrestling is a challenge for everyone.
This is our business and operating it so people get hurt, or made to look like fools is not amusing, and not what we are about. The fun of being challenged is can you knock over your competitor! You should be able, especially as a first timer, get in to the suit, have our staff explain the basics to you, start and try to beat your competitor. With our best of three concept, you'll be happy, have gotten an adrenaline rush and apprectiation of a simulation of what real sumo is like

The arena area is 4.5 meters x 4.5 meters padded with 50mm thick gym mats.
Requires 5m² of reasonably flat ground for set up  (eg. no rocks, sharp sticks etc.)
Requires a minimum height clearance of 2.5 meters.

Requires a normal 3 pronged, single phase, power source - (a petrol generator is available by prior arrangement at an additional charge).
Minimum of 2 hours hireage applies, a 25% non-refundable deposit is required when making your booking.

2x sumo suits.
2x wig style helmets.
2x protective neckbraces.
50mm thick protective gym mats at 4m2. (if requested. small extra cost)
1x sumo mat overlay.
1x 30 meter power lead - (we can provide more)

Sumo Fun

Sumo Suits