Saddle Jousting - Horse Back Gladiators

Once limited only to those of noble birth, this medieval jousting tournament is an enduring tradition from the Middle Ages. 
Jousting was a dangerous sport and participants undertook years of training before risking their safety in a tournament.

Twoknights mounted on horseback and armed with lances would charge toward each other in an attempt to knock their opponent to the ground. 

Now YOU can now participate regardless of your lineage and enjoy a blast from the past!


Rather than having dangerous, galloping horses charging at top speed toward you, our saddles are fixed in place.
 Be prepared though, they spin around unpredictably as a result of riders momentum or after receiving a hefty blow from an opponents lance! 

Enjoy swordplay upon a steed and safely re-live a sport that is 900 years old! 
A hilarious wild west themed game of balance and skill.


Requires 5m² area of clean, flat ground for set up (eg. no rocks, sharp sticks etc).
Requires a minimum height clearance of 3.5 meters.
Requires a normal 3 pronged, single phase, power source.
Power drain is approximately 3-7 amps (a petrol generator is available by prior arrangement at an additional charge).
Minimum of 2 hours hireage applies, a 25% non-refundable deposit is required when making your booking.


2x spinning saddles on poles.
2x jousting poles.
Full safety gear to be worn by each contestant.

1x solid metal base for stability.
1x inflatable bouncy mat 4.5
1x blower fan.
1x 30 meter power lead - (we can provide more)
1x professional operator to run the horses.

Saddle Jousting 2
Saddle Jousting
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