Can you slam it past the keeper into the net?
This game lets you volley your team to glory. 
If you've ever enjoyed playing table soccer, have a go at adult sized Foozeball..!

Table soccer, also known as table football, foozeball, foosball is a table-top game and sport that is loosely based on association football.
You can play your very own Foozeball world cup, Hilarious fun!!!

In our version, teams of five strap their hands to a rail and become just like those little wooden people. 

Making you work as a team to score the goal.

The arena is 11 metres x 9 metres, large enough for 10 players, and there are only three of these in New Zealand.

Great outdoors or indoors (if your venue is large enough).  For all ages. 


Requires 11 meters x 9 meters of reasonably flat ground for set up  (eg. no rocks, sharp sticks etc.)
Requires a normal 3 pronged, single phase, power source, power drain 3-7amps (a petrol generator is available by prior arrangement at an additional charge).

Minimum of 2 hours hireage applies, a 25% non-refundable deposit is required when making your booking.

1x huge inflatable foozeball 'table'.
1x soccer ball.
1x blower fan.
1x 30 meter power lead - (we can provide more)
1x professional operator to run the Fooseball.


Foozeball 1
Foozeball 44