Foam Parties

We are the biggest supplier of foam cannons in New Zealand.

As young children and even to this day, we've always loved a good old bubble bath; foam is perfect for party-goers of all ages.  Our foam cannons create massive amounts of a specialy designed, thick, long-lasting foam which sticks to your participants and makes everyone feel like a kid again!

Inside or outside, foam parties are one of our most popular entertainment options.
We can fill your dance floor, back yard, ice rink or alternative space with copious amounts of soft bubbly foam.

Our cannons can be angled to fire a jet up to 8 meters into the air for larger venues, or angled down to cover areas as small as 3m².  Our operators usually limit the output by firing in short bursts, but can shoot continuously if preferred and pre-arranged.

We are the largest operator of this type of equipment in NZ.  A number of smaller operators have jumped onto the bandwagon to take advantage of the popularity of our foam parties;  you should however be aware, that in the wrong hands and using the wrong type of chemical, foam parties can potentially be dangerous.  As the most experienced operator in NZ we are able to provide full Health and Safety documentation to satisfy the most stringent health officer or worried mum!

We do NOT use inflatable foam pits as these contain and hold water at the bottom.  This can cause slipperiness, accidents, trampling and claustrophobia.  However, we can provide, for an extra  charge ($350+gst), an 11m by 9m open bottomed pit which does not incur the above problems.

To ensure your party is talked about for years to come, call our foam specialist with years of experience, to help you through your foam needs.

The foam cannon produces enough foam to fill a 10 meter square area to 1.5 meters deep in approximately 10 minutes!
This is prior to excited onlookers rushing in, as you can imagine, they become well covered very quickly.

Shooting range of up to 8m, dependant on your water pressure - (a raised platform will increase the shooting range).

Each cannon requires a normal garden style hose tap
Requires a normal 3 pronged, single phase, power source.
The power drain is approximately 3-6 amps (a petrol generator is available at an additional charge).

Minimum of 2 hours hireage applies, a 25% non-refundable deposit is required when making your booking.

1x foam cannon - (we can provide two if you want em - but extra fee applies)
Hypoallergenic foam solution - (amount will vary with your requirements)
1x 30 meter hose and fittings
1x 30 meter power lead - (we can provide more)
1x professional operator per cannon.


Foam Parties
Foam in Inflatable
Double Foam Cannons Filling Pit

The photos say it all don't they!