Team Building

Total laughter - totally challenging - total entertainment, TOTAL TEAM BUILDING!

Here are some great ideas for team building that don't make you look or feel like the village idiot!

Successful organisations recognise the need to make the most of their best asset; their people.  Your team will have a blast while learning how to work together co-operatively with our team building activities.

Our promotions help break down barriers in an entertaining, informal & relaxed way. Everyone enjoys participating and you'll find it will boost employee motivation within your organisation.

Help improve communication and team work; promote and encourage interpersonal relationships while creating respect for different personalities.  Highlight the diversity of individuals skills and create a fun sense of unit within your team.   

Activities can be customised to suit your group size and budget and best of all, we can come to you!  This means less needs to be spent on transport and accommodation costs, while maximising valuable time.

Human TracksHuman Tracks
These are great for getting up close and personal.  Two teams of 3-8 people work together in our colourful 'tracks'; moved by walking carefully forward while feeding the top backward.  Teams learn quickly to work together, while having great fun racing for the finish line!
Have you ever seen foozeball like this before?  Two teams of up to 5 people work together, just like those little men on a table soccer game.  Great team game and hilarious fun!
Twister FunTwister
A giant twist on a classic favourite, our Bouncy Twister has room for up to 20 people at any one time.  This activity involves physical contact with other team members, immediately breaking down barriers.  We've super sized it for super fun with a bouncy mat for even more laughs!
Fiona running Mechanical BullMechanical Bull
Jump on our bucking bull.  One rider at a time with a quick turnover.  Everyone gets involved, laughingly giving advice and trying to beat each others times.  Always a favorite, see who's up for the challenge and who can last the longest...  how long can you stay on?
SumoSumo Suits
Just putting on these sumo suits has everyone in stitches!  With two players at a time, laugh as your team mates 'waddle' into the arena.  Try to push your opponent out of the circle, before finishing them off with an over-inflated body-slam.
Gladiators 1Gladiator Duel
Two contestants climb onto the gladiators spinning duel base, just like in the hit gladiator TV show.  When the duel begins, see who can knock their opponent off the fastest, but be careful, fall off and you're out.  With a quick turn around Gladiator dueling provides fantastic entertainment for both competitors and spectators.
Bouncy Boxing - Red BullBouncy Boxing
Slip on these oversized boxing gloves, clamber into the inflatable ring and square up to your opponent.  With two challengers at once, each match is fast paced with a quick turnaround.  Who said boxing can't be fun and amusing?  One of our most popular promotions for guys and gals.
Disco PhotoCorporate Christmas Party
Having a corporate christmas party?  We can provide a professional DJ with lighting and PA systems.  For a limited time book one of our other promotions PLUS a DJ, mention this corporate christmas party promotion offer and save!

Prices and Details
Corporate events are quoted on an individual basis due to variables such as distance, event duration, freight etc.  Contact us with your requirements today.